Automotive education


Innovation is not only a matter of technology. A number of non-technical issues needs to be resolved to support a successful programme:

Education: In consultation with the industry, new specialized automotive education programmes will be developed at the TU Eindhoven and other educational institutes to support sustainable growth of the sector.

Knowledge Transfer: To enhance validation of knowledge into new products, this programme will intensify cooperation between knowledge institutes and industry, especially SME’s, a.o. by network activities for knowledge dissemination and by large scale demo projects.

Business Development: To support SME’s in managing the changes in the value chain, this programme will focus on new business models and professionalism, on attracting finance for innovation and on marketing support.

Enablers – Automotive Education

Project: Eureka!Cup
Subject: Design project for vocational students. In a competition scene students are challenged to come up with innovative solutions to real-life automotive cases.
Result: Enhance the enthusiasm among students for technical studies.
Start date: 2009
End date: 2010
Project leader: TU/e (Stichting Techniek Promotie)


  • 2 Fast 2 Furious
  • AEO Handleiding Systematic
  • An eye-opener
  • Gentle Truck Collision
  • Helping Firefighters
  • In & Out
  • Keep the Pet Alive